Valentine’s Day Prep

I always loved Valentine’s Day. Even though I strongly believe that you should express your love everyday, I still like an excuse to eat pretty wrapped up chocolates and receive extra presents from a special someone. Whether you are celebrating with your boyfriend/girlfriend, your best friend(s), or yourself (kill it), there is always a little something to get to show that someone that you love them and are thankful for them to be in your life. Below, I have posted some cute gift ideas if you are stuck on what to get. Even if you see nothing you would like to buy (or receive! That’s right send this to your partner as a hint), I hope to at least inspire you!

For Her:

  1. M.Gemi: The Brezza Tie-Up Flat $248 (Use Promo Code: alexandra921 for $40 off your purchase)

I absolutely love M.Gemi for a couple of reasons. My number one reason is because all of their beautiful, luxurious products are handcrafted in Italy in family-owned factories. 99%, if not 100%, of their products are 100% Italian leather. They also upload new styles every Monday which is a great way to start off the week…at least for me. I am so thrilled to have been accepted to be part of their Client Advisory Board and have been able to get a Promo Code for all of you guys which is “alexandra921” for $40.00 off your purchase. Their footwear range from $78-$398 while most fall in between the $198-$248 range.

2. The Bouqs Co.:   Cloud 9 bouquet  ($40-$70)    Love Dove Bouquet  ($40-$70)

My absolute favorite online flower shop. Though I have not yet ordered from there, they have high reviews and absolutely stunning arrangements. What I love about them is that they are grown and fed by pure volcanic snow melt on an eco-friendly farm. Flowers are ALWAYS a good idea. I never was a big fan of roses, especially red ones. I always found myself more attracted to french pinks, whites, mixed with green fillers.

3. A Cup Of Quotes: Good Morning Gorgeous Mug  $20.00 (Use Promo Code: BLOGANDCOFFEE to receive free shipping)

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.12.49 PM.png

If your girl is a coffee/tea drinker, get her a cute little mug as an extra something and serve it to her in bed with a beautiful serving of homemade breakfast. I personally rather a gift that I will use then something that will just sit and stare at me. Start your girls day off right!

4. A Gift Card to Her Favorite Nail Salon or SpaPampering your girl is always important. Treat her to her mani and pedi and glamour her up for the night to come *wink*


5. A Shopping Spree At Her Favorite Store(s). Be smart and give her a budget boys. For your own sake!

I can just insert a bunch of different stuff from clothing to accessories, etc. but Valentine’s Day is suppose to be a sentimental day and I strongly think that every girl deserves to have a sentimental gift with a meaning behind it (shoes and clothes should just be extra ;)). Personally to me, I rather a sentimental gift than materialistic ones. Be creative guys. This is your girl. You know your girl best. Go out of your comfort zone and make her something from scratch. Be silly, be fun, and most of all show her that you know her better than she knows herself.

For Him:

1. Treat your guy. Take him out to his favorite restaurant and pay for the check prior to arrival. Be the one who wears the pants tonight. Every guy, though they don’t want to admit, likes to get spoiled by his girl.


2. Movie Night Gift Basket. Buy a pre-made bundle or make your own and stuff it with his favorite sweet treats. Nothing is sweeter then the classic! Spend a little intimate and relaxing time by cozying up in your most comfy sweats and kicking back to his favorite movie while stuffing your mouth with delicious mouth savoring calories.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.09.14 PM.png

*All you need to make your own is some of his favorite snacks, a large popcorn bucket, and some cute tissue paper to stuff underneath to add a little pretty touch to it (as if the sight of sour patch watermelons isn’t enough).

3. A man should always have a nice watch on his wrist. Now, I’m not talking about a Rolex or Hublot (g-d bless if you have that kind of money) but maybe stealing a deal from or can do the trick. Both of these sites have awesome designer steals so check out both Men’s and Women’s section to see if you can spot anything for your partner or for yourself.

4. Sneakers for the athletic type. Let’s be real. Every guy loves sneakers. But if you are the superstitious type, the old russian tales say that if you give shoes as a gift, that person will walk away from your life. UNLESS, they give you a dollar back. I personally, don’t believe in this little tale but just thought I would share 🙂


5. Tickets to a sporting event/concert. Guys are simple. It’s always a nice idea to get a pair of tickets to go see his favorite sports team or favorite musical artist just the two of you. If you guys are serious, or if you are the greatest girlfriend ever, combine this gift with paying the dinner check. He’ll thank you later.

 For All You Single Ladies; Whether You Are Ready to Mingle or Not.

1. Chocolate, Wine, and a Nicolas Sparks Movie Binge. That’s right. Get together with your single ladies and pour your hearts out over a bottle of wine (If you are of age of course) with some delicious Chinese takeout, and turn up the volume of Safe Haven on your screen. Tip: Eat some chocolate in between the movies…forget about the calories, they help with the tears.

2.Treat Yo’Selves. Grab your single girlfriends and treat yourselves to a mani and pedi and feel free to throw in a massage because you deserve it! Afterwards, feed the cravings over a nice brunch at your favorite spot in town.  Did someone say Mimosas?


3. Comfort Her With Scents. I think that candles are always a cute sweet gift to get. Candles not only make great decorative pieces but also freshen up the smell of the space its in. My favorite place to get candles that are not only pretty but smell good is from Anthropologie.


4. Ice Skate Like There is No Tomorrow. Laugh at each other while you both fall to the ground or as one of you bump into a little kid just trying to live his life. 


5. DIY for Life. If you girlies are the creative type, find some cute DIYs on Pinterest to do together while you blast Adele in the background. This allows you to be comfortable in sweats and in the comfort of home. Rock that messy bun and those mismatching socks. A cute idea, and one of my favorite DIYs, is no-sew pillows. My best friend Emma and I actually did this about 2 weeks ago because this is what non-party fashion school people do. And we are proud.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 10.50.12 PM.png

Mine is the one on the left and Emma’s is on the right.

So that’s it for this post! I hope that you have found something that sparked an idea and I wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day <3


p.s I would absolutely love you if you comment below with any ideas that you may have to share or your plans for this upcoming Valentines Day xx

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