Turks and Caicos: Review

I hope everyone enjoyed their spring break and I want to apologize for not posting this sooner or being as active on my social media accounts. I have been dealing with a lot of school work deadlines and haven’t been well health wise this past week. So I am trying to find the energy to get back into motivation and to being myself.

So as you may already know, for my spring break I went to Turks and Caicos with my family and we had an absolute blast! Let me just say that EVERYONE, if you have the chance, needs to visit TCI and here are the reasons why along with some images to stimulate your eyes with beauty:

Turks and Caicos Island


Paradise Getaway

  1. The water and beaches are literally picture perfect. You know those desktop screen savers of the clear aqua water, white sand, and that perfect proportional palm tree? Yep, that’s Turks and Caicos for ya.
  2. The people on the island are some of the, if not, nicest people i’ve ever met. Everyone is so welcoming and kind and just overall such happy people. Their happiness is contagious!
  3. The weather is beyond PERFECTION. You would think because it’s the caribbean that the weather is humid and super hot but surprisingly, the weather was actually not humid and there was a beautiful caribbean breeze throughout the day.

4.The water is a color you can only think of in your imagination…except never expecting it to be true in real life. When I say there wasn’t a spec of seaweed or anything of that nature in the water, I really do mean it.

5. The island itself, compared to other islands such as DR is very clean and well kept.

Yes, thats right. I ate live conch and I loved it. R.I.P little guy

Beaches Resort: TCI

After looking at numerous amounts of places to vacation at with my family, we noticed a horrible trend of extremely expensive travel prices $$$$. We are a family of four and most hotels on all the islands have rooms that only accommodate 3 people and in order to fit 4 we would have to either get a suite for over $2,000 a night or get another room all together which was out of the question.

We were very skeptical to staying at a hotel that has commercials on TV because anything that is commercialized tends to be very average to appeal to the masses. We decided to look into Beaches (part of the Sandals chain) and it was rated as a 5-star all inclusive resort. After much research and consideration, it totaled out to be the most affordable for our price range. We went in with average expectations. Here’s what we got:

Italian village poolside: breakfast view

  1. Again, the most friendly staff. Because the resort is HUMONGOUS, it’s easy to get lost on your first and second night. We stayed in the Caribbean village (that was all that was left available 5 months in advance booking) and the 21 restaurant options are scattered throughout the resort (French Village, Italian Village, Key West, Caribbean). So when we didn’t know how to get to one restaurant, we asked one of the workers on how to get there and they walked us all the way to the restaurant. This didn’t just happen once but every time we asked for directions.

2. The food for an all inclusive was really really good. Well, the lunch and breakfast were good and the dinner was okay. My favorite restaurant was Soy, sushi restaurant. Conch (Conch shell and the actual conch inside) tends to be a popular speciality in TCI. Sounds crazy I know, but it’s so delicious. If you love sushi, it tastes just like scallop and octopus! Above is a picture of me holding the Conch and next to that image is a picture of a conch salad that was prepared right in front of us on our snorkeling adventure.

Caribbean Adventure

My brother and I way up high 🙂

3. We went out of our resort to head over to the Gansevoort hotel in TCI considering that thats the most popular hotel to stay at, and so we went there for dinner and were NOT impressed. We were expecting for it to match up to the hype and 5-star reviews but it was nothing special. The hotel seemed dead, the menu was overpriced and the food was very average…minus the fact it only took them 40 minutes to bring out our appetizers. I know, salads are extremely complex to make. So when we compared the “night life” of the Gansevoort to the one at Beaches, Beaches by far wins that one. Yes, there are a ton of kids because its super family oriented, but because your on a tiny island, it gets boring after two nights to just do the same thing so it helps when you are surrounded by a lot of people who are out and about drinking some free coffee (ha, free) watching some cool performances taking place on the land.

We expected for Beaches to be loud and dirty because of all the little kids running around doing there thing, but to our shocking disbelief, the beach area was so quite and peaceful, the kids were all in one area far from majority of the restaurants and action, so we were really happy that we didn’t have to wake up on our beach nap with kids running around and splashing water and wet sand everywhere. *Phew*

So to sum up, we had a relaxing blast. We enjoyed all the water activities especially the half day snorkeling adventure which included two stops at private islands, fresh conch salad and lunch prepared on the island, and snorkeling in one of the worlds largest coral reefs. The entire experience was breath taking because it felt like you were in a 3D movie. If you and your family are looking into places to vacay, I would definitely recommend investing some time into figuring out whether Turks and Caicos is right for you. But I can promise you one thing, it’s an island that isn’t like any other. To completely go off subject now, here are some more pictures 🙂

Pura Vida

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