Transitional Spring

Sometimes we come across certain pieces such as handbags or a pretty dress that we wouldn’t wear often. So why spend the money on something you wouldn’t get use out of? Style Lend is a platform for women to lend out their clothes and rent out others. Think of it as the ultimate closet swap! I rented this bag for 2 weeks from Style Lend and you can rent it too for just $140! It makes sense for those one night looks, or pieces to bring on vacation that you won’t need afterwards. 

Can someone explain to me (those who live in NY) how March has been colder than February? The whole winter, we barely got snow, and now, when everyone is ready for Spring, BOOM. This weather is messing with my body, my mind, and with what I should wear!

If you read my last post on Spring Trends you need to follow, you probably already know that I’m super big on the off the shoulder trend. With this inconsistent weather, I always face the “what do I wear??” challenge in the morning. Luckily, when I shot this look, it was a beautiful 60 degree day (I figured it would start getting warmer NOT colder).

Obviously, I don’t think I would wear this look in 20-30 degree weather, BUT as we get closer to spring and the 50s range, I know I can always count on a pair of jeans with simple mules, and a comfortable blouse. I wouldn’t go for anything to sheer or light just yet, but stick to pieces that are easy to wear under a light jacket or vest. Off the shoulder pieces are super easy to wear day to night and give you the perfect illusion of “dressy” but with the comfortability of casual.

I partnered with Style Lend to introduce to you a new way of sharing top trends. The Chanel bag was rented for free to style with some of my favorite looks and show readers how they can get the look without breaking the wallet.

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