Ice Ice Baby: Quick Summer Treat To Cool You Down

Hi everyone! Oh how excited I am that the weather is finally stabilizing and I can actually wear my summer clothes! What i’m really excited for are yummy summer treats and summer activities! I spent this past weekend with my boyfriend (shoutout to @noahrubin33) celebrating my parents 28th anniversary and making some yummy homemade fruit pops that are guaranteed to cool you down and keep you hydrated while making sure your nutrition is in check! Scroll down below to see some super unprofessional photos from our take at this and for easy step by step instructions xx

Say Ah!

What you need: 

•Popsicle mold- we used this one (You could get this at a Michaels)

•Your choice of fruits (We used watermelon, peach, and mango; we did not use the OJ) GET CREATIVE!

•A drainer

•A Bowl

•A utensil to mash up the soft fruit or a blender (nutribullet for example)

Step 1:  Pick your fruit. If you are using a fruit with a pit, make sure to take out any pit or leaves before cutting it up and blending it. Cut your fruit into smaller pieces and place it into a bowl in which you can gently mash to get the juice out

Step 2: Once you think you juiced the fruit as much as possible, place a drainer over another bowl to make sure any remaining seeds or pits or thick pieces stay behind.

Step 3:  We made a watermelon popsicle, a peach/mango blend popsicle, and also a watermelon peach mango combo. Make sure you don’t mix your fruit juice unless you intend to do so! If you are using a fruit with a skin, peal the skin off to ensure that it doesn’t end up in your pop!

Step 4: Once you have juiced all your desired fruits, take your popsicle mold and carefully empty the juice (we used a spoon for more precision) into the mold. We left some chopped fruit and placed it at the bottom of the mold, then in the middle so that when you enjoy your popsicle, you have small chunks of fruit that surprise you!

Step 5: Place your mold into the freezer for about 3-8 hours or until it is frozen very hard. If you have trouble wiggling off the mold, place it under warm water for 10 seconds to loosen it up! And Voila! Natural homemade 100% healthy popsicles!

These are so fun to make and SOOO delicious! You can get as creative as you want and mix anything you would like! For those of you who are 21+ a great idea is to add a little mix of liquor and have yourself a boozy popsicle! Some of my favorite blends are strawberry kiwi, strawberry pineapple, and peach mango! I hope you guys enjoy this super easy recipe and I would love for you to comment below and tag me on social media for some flavor inspirations!




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