Spring Trends Report

Spring is my favorite season for a couple of different reasons. Apart from the perfect temperature, I love not having to wear a puffy jacket over everything and packing up my sweaters. As we jump into spring, I want to share with you what styles are trending for the season so that you can be on top of your game!

When it comes to trends, I think everyones opinion of “whats in” varies based on their personal style; it will always be a little bias. I put together my “trending” list based off of what I’ve been seeing in stores, online, and on other people. One of the most important personal style tips I tell all my friends and family, is just because it’s trending, doesn’t mean you have to have it too. What looks good on one person, may not suit you.

I hope you guys enjoy this little trend report I put together where you can get a little taste of each trend♥


Cold Shoulder:



Embroidery & Lace:

Tie Detailing/Bows:

Gingham & Stripes:



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