Ruffled In Love

One trend that I’ve been seeing non-stop this season is the ruffled sleeve detailing. If you read one of my latest blog post about Bell Sleeves, you’ll know that I have a difficult time finding pieces with bell sleeves because they usually end up being too long on me. Most of the time, when I try on a ruffled sleeve sweater, the ruffle either dominates a little too much or is too long in length.

I’ve honestly been super lucky to find my most coveted styles on SheIn for such an inexpensive price (who would ever think!?) If I came across this style sweater that was $350 and it fit me well, I would’ve purchased it, BUT I haven’t. Like I’ve wrote in a previous post about sleeve detailing, it just makes any plain sweater look like the statement piece. It’s fun, it adds dimension, and it’s just different from your every other grey sweater.

I decided to make this outfit a little more fun by pairing it with my frayed black jeans that I got at Ruby and Jenna, and of  with my funky Stella McCartney Flatforms. I love that because of the cropped denim, you can see all the detailing in the shoe and it brings the eye right to them.

Though, I must say the quality of this sweater is definitely not the best, it’s not horrible for the price you pay. I had to wash it before wearing it because the material was a little harsh. Also, this sweater is one-size fits all, but I would say if you’re not an XS/S, this sweater is not going to fit; I don’t mean that in an offensive way but it just barely fit me.

Also, you may have noticed that my most expensive pieces are usually my handbag and shoe and that’s because a nice shoe and/or bag can make the whole outfit look more expensive. For example, my top and jeans combined totals about $50, but my shoes and bag, in my opinion, make the outfit look way more expensive than it is.

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