Red Leather Statement

There are two things I want to say about this leather jacket.  The first being that it’s totally out of my comfort zone which I ADORE. I never thought I could pull off a colored leather jacket other than black, but here I am!  And 2. I happened to stumble upon it in Zara, which I myself never purchased anything from. So, I’d say this is a pretty sweet first purchase!

I was at the mall with my friend and we happened to go inside to just browse their big sale event. Amongst the chaos, I saw this jacket lying on the floor under the crazy racks. It just so happened to be my size and so I tried it on, and now it’s mine and I am totally in love! It took me a while to process the fact that I scored a leather jacket that fit me AND is 100% leather. Best part? It was $80 down from $250!

I have to be honest though. I was questioning its worth while waiting in the checkout line for 30 minutes. Do I need it? What will I wear it with? WILL I wear it? I am just so not used to buying outwear yet alone leather jackets in a bold or non traditional color because I worry that I won’t have many ways to wear it. Boy, was I wrong! What I really love about this jacket and the reason I got it was because I  love the motto hardware detailing, and also the fact that it’s not a bright red but rather a burnt red.

To add to the edgy vibe of the jacket, I paired it with my rockstud Valentino flats which are black on black. You guys have been loving this Chanel bag on Insta  but I have to be honest, I totally stole it from my mom…what’s hers is mine?!?!

Under the leather jacket, I’m wearing my Cami NYC Racer Cami, which I wear in every season with absolutely everything. Guys, I’m telling you, this cami goes with everything and in every season.

If I had to pick one look that defined my style, it would definitely be this one. This look, in my opinion, has the perfect balance of trendy, chic, edgy, but also a lure of femininity and a classic undertone. It’s simple.


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