2018: Perfectly Imperfect

And just like that, another year flew by.

2017 was an experiential year for me filled with self challenging obstacles, acceptance and awakening. The beginning of 2017, is when I decided to invest into my blog and pursue it as a job. A job I could only dream of and love more and more everyday.  It was the year where I experimented with finding my voice, my style, myself; to see what works for me, what doesn’t and what feels natural to me. It was the year where I learned to accept my flaws, accept that life is never perfect and accept that I can’t be anyone else but myself.

Oddly enough, though 2017 is coming to an end, towards the end of the summer, I felt like a new year had begun. When my previous 4 year relationship came to an end, I felt like a new book opened up and I was finally able to awaken. Awaken to all the opportunities that laid in front of me, awaken to all the time I had to focus on me and only me. Awaken to experiencing life independently and quietly with my closest friends and of course my family. Awaken to learning myself, listening to myself and loving myself. Most importantly, I realized that life goes on and bigger and better things are always ahead of you.

There is something so liberating about being alone. You learn more about yourself than ever and find that you can be full of surprises that you would never expect. I’ve grown tremendously this past year through all my self facing challenges and I cannot wait to begin 2018 with a more confident and clear minded approach. There is nothing more beautiful for a girl to have than confidence. Confidence in her flaws, confidence in her body, confidence in being independent. That’s why I’m choosing to end 2017 and begin 2018 with Topshop.

You see, I always loved fashion because it was my way of expressing my feelings. If I feel moody, my look will express that. If I’m feeling sexy, my look will express that. I know that I can always find the perfect pieces to express myself at Topshop. There is something for everyone; including all your own moods and styles that you go through. I love that they are inclusive of all shapes and sizes, they don’t aim for perfect but rather the perfectly imperfect, and I want my 2018 to be just that; perfectly imperfect.

But, let me tell you what is perfectly perfect. This sequin lace slip bodycon dress from Topshop. This New Years, I’m dressing head to toe in Topshop. When shooting this look, I can’t express how many times people came up and asked me where my dress or shoes were from. But, let’s start with the dress.

When it comes to the holiday season, I LOVE dressing up in lace, sequins, silks or velvets. It’s just a fashion must for the holidays! I was so torn between this dress and a velvet dress from TS but I couldn’t resist this slip which had the perfect amount of shine, lace, class and sexiness to it. It hugs my body in all the right ways and makes me feel confident in my skin. It’s appropriate enough to wear to your family or work holiday party, but sexy enough to get the attention from your midnight kiss.

I paired this slip with a pair of black frayed heels that look like they’re $600 when they are only $65. They are the perfect dressy black pump that are great for any occasion and extremely comfortable to wear; that’s coming from a non-heel gal. Lastly, if you haven’t already known, embroidered bags are one of the hottest must-haves but a lot of them cost $$$$. Once I saw this one, I fell in love because it was simple enough to stay in style even when the trend fades. Plus, it’s like it was meant to be paired with this look!

All together, you can get this entire look for under $250.00 + I’ve partnered with Stylinity to get you guys exclusive Topshop coupons which you can access here.

I want to end this post by thanking you for supporting me and allowing me to pursue my dream. Most importantly, for following me for who I am. I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year and I cannot wait to see what the new perfectly imperfect year will hold for us. Big thank you to Topshop for dressing me in confidence.

This post is paid by Topshop and Stylinity and contains affiliated links. All opinion is my very own and is always, 100% honest.

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