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I hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving, for those who celebrated! In my last post, I wrote that the next time I post will be my Thanksgiving weekend recap and so… voi la!

Ever since Noah and I started dating (almost 3.5 years!) we have made Thanksgiving weekend our weekend. Each year we choose a Bed and Breakfast away from home just to escape reality for a bit. This year, we decided to take a weekend adventure to the infamous Martha’s Vineyard, unfortunately leaving our Vineyard Vines behind (shucks).

I’m going to skip over the part where: we woke up at 6am, drove in a car for 4.5 hours (well, Noah drove I mostly annoyed his ass) and then got ourselves onto a 45 minute ferry. Let’s just fast forward to when we arrived at our beautiful Bed and Breakfast, Nobnocket Boutique Inn. First off, I want to thank the incredible owners, Annabelle and Simon, for making our stay so special from arrival to departure. They have built such a beautiful, eclectic inn that is so luxurious and cozy.

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Most people go to MV over the Summer and it’s pretty impossible to go anywhere during that time because of the amount of people visiting. Most people underestimate the island during its off-season but little do you know, there is actually a ton of fun stuff to fill a weekend getaway with during the winter time!

For my Gilmore Girls fans, we all want to go to a place like Luke’s Diner and live in a town like Stars Hollow, and this is as close as you will ever get to it! Many of you have commented on my recent Instagram posts that it reminded you of the same feeling! For my non Gilmore Girls fans, the town has that small town charm where everyone knows everyone and is a super close-knit community. Nobnocket Inn is located in Edgartown and is a two-minute drive from town, which let me tell you…it’s the absolute cutest filled with so much holiday spirit!

Day 1: Friday, Our Arrival

Not wasting a minute, as soon as we got off the ferry we drove to the Vineyard’s annual Fall Festival which is every year the day after Thanksgiving. It was definitely small and meant for children (not 19 or 20 year olds), but if you’re a child at heart, you will still enjoy it! At this small event, Noah and I decided to challenge ourselves in making our first ever Wreath! To our disbelief, it turned out better than either of us expected!

img_2554img_2547 img_2548 img_2549 img_2555 img_2561

After our little wreath pit stop, we drove to check into our b&b to unload our baggage and headed to grab some lunch at the Waterside Market (the most delicious hand cut fries! I had planned a surprise in room couples massage for Noah and me that evening but unfortunately, the people never showed up! Our hosts felt terrible and were sweet enough to gift us with a bottle of bubbly and a side of some delicious homemade treats!

Saving the sweets for later, we couldn’t pass up taking a bath in our beautiful marble bathroom! What can be more relaxing than that after a long drive? Using this relaxing opportunity, I used my Nubotanik body scrub beforehand to cleanse my skin and keep it hydrated in this cold weather! What I love about this scrub is that its made from the whole coffeeberry fruit. This easy to use scrub is loaded with antioxidants that exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. You can read more about the benefits here (my fav benefit is that it boosts collagen!). It’s super affordable making it a perfect holiday stuffer! It’s so crucial to exfoliate and hydrate your skin weekly during the winter season and I know that I will definitely be turning to Nubotanik to keep my skin in top condition!

We then drove to Martha’s Clam Chowder Company for dinner which truthfully, wasn’t anything special and then headed over to a super sketch but super fun small town version of a Dave and Busters. Noah and I were the only ones in there collecting all the tickets we possibly could!

bathroom bedroom img_2556img_2499Day 2: Saturday, Shopping Time

After getting a good nights rest in our beautiful room and having a delicious homemade breakfast, we started off our day antiquing (which didn’t go so well) and then made our way to the annual Thanksgiving Weekend Artisans Festival. This was one of our favorites because all the sellers had to have residency in MV making it yet another charming town event. We didn’t end up buying much except for one or two things for the home, but we did empty our wallets in the town by the B&B.

It was the perfect time to get some of our holiday shopping out-of-the-way and because it was Small Business Saturday, we scored some pretty good deals! Believe it or not, we spent most of our Saturday shopping and found ourselves at Waterside market yet again with an order of hand cut fries…oops.


Now, I don’t know if it’s just Noah and me, but this darkness has been making me want to go to sleep starting at 4pm! Plus, the cold doesn’t help either! Noah and I are definitely not nappers, but we found ourselves doing that this past weekend before dinner. I had made reservations at Copper Wok, an Asian cuisine restaurant, and after devouring our meal, we went across the street to get some homemade ice cream because why not?

We wanted to go bowling that night but because MV as whole is so small, we were told there was an hour and a half wait so we decided to go back to our room and play a classic game of Monopoly (not telling you who won). While we did that, we enjoyed some delicious homemade Raspberry Scones and tea. That is just another thing I love about the Nobnocket; every night you get delivered fresh homemade dessert which is SO yummy!


Day 3: Sunday, Alpaca’s and Gingerbread Houses

This was definitely our favorite day of our weekend. If you follow me on Instagram and/or Snapchat, you probably remember tapping away at a hundred videos of Noah and me at an Alpaca farm. I’ve never seen an Alpaca before nor knew what to expect, but I had the greatest time visiting the farm! Besides getting spit on by a baby Alpaca, It was so fun to get to hold some, feed them, and just pet their extremely soft coat! They truly are super cute and amusing to just watch.

But before we made our way to the farm, we managed to get a table at Art Cliff Diner which has 2 hour waits in the summer time. This diner was built in 1943 and had the vibe of Luke’s Diner in Gilmore Girls. It was super small, quaint, and tasty! I ended up buying their coffee cup because 1. It was a cute souvenir to remember our trip and 2. I am a cupaholic!

img_2267 img_2497img_2545 img_2546img_2466

So after our Alpaca visit, we drove into Cottage City in the town over, Oak Bluffs. That town is mainly known for its Gingerbread Cottages which are all located in one large area where cars cannot drive through (gotta use those legs!). Most, if not all, were built in the mid 1800’s and have a lot of history behind them as they were all part of a Church Camp Ground. I’ve put together some of my favorite captures below. Not only was it the perfect day to do so, but it was such a unique experience not like any other!

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After our little walking excursion, we decided to give bowling another shot which turned out successful! Bowling wouldn’t be complete without mozzarella sticks, quesadillas and wings so of course we had to have all the above! We ended our bowling adventure just in time to make our way to one of the many lighthouses in MV, and capture the most beautiful sunset either of us have ever seen!

img_2476 img_2475 img_2551

Because our day consisted of a lot of walking, we ended up canceling our dinner reservations to nap in and going elsewhere that night. If you ever plan on going to MV during off-season, please be aware that if you are a late eater, it is SUPER tough getting food anywhere as most restaurants will shut down due to the kitchen being slow. Places that normally close at 10pm were closing at 8pm which made it a bit challenging that night. We ended up driving about 25 minutes to get to this restaurant called Alchemy which I highly recommend.

And just like that, Monday came along and we had to part our way from Martha’s Vineyard and drive back to reality. Though there wasn’t to much going on, we had a great time exploring all the local shops and stops and being surrounded with so much holiday spirit.  All in all, we really enjoyed Martha’s Vineyard especially our stay at the Nobnocket Inn. If you ever do head to MV whatever season it may be, make sure to check our Nobnocket Inn first, I promise you won’t regret it! I definitely recommend visiting Island Alpaca as well as the Gingerbread Cottages. Restaurant wise, we really enjoyed Copper Wok, Alchemy and Waterside Market!

Thank you for reading and scrolling, I promise my next posts won’t be as long as this one ♥

Wishing you all a very happy weekend!


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This post contains sponsored and partnered links for Nobnocket Inn and  Nubotanik Skin Care

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