#Find&Seek: Cold Spring, NY

For our 3 year anniversary, Noah and I decided to go on a small getaway upstate, which we love doing because it’s close yet far enough from home and we find it to be nice place to go relax and leave the world behind us. Because this trip was planned in less than 48 hours, we didn’t get the chance to plan anything too exciting but managed to find the pretty historic town of Cold Spring, NY (about 1 hr and 35min from L.I). We stayed for a night at a Bed and Breakfast, The Pig Hill Inn, which was centered right on Main Street so it worked out perfectly.

IMG_1961 IMG_4532 This is the exterior of the B&B

We didn’t get lucky with the weather there, so we spent the time wisely by antique shopping (that’s right, you read it correctly) and exploring what the charming town has to offer. Keep in mind, the pictures didn’t turn out great because of the torrential downpour, but I tried my best! Right next to our B&B was Cold Spring Apothecary shop featuring all natural products such as candles, loose teas, various facial and cleanser products revolving around botanical healing. You can read more on their site. Noah and I both got products for ourselves and I listed what I got below:

You can also get a haircut here as well as various facials, massages, etc. It doubles as a Wellness House!

Left: Body Oil-Toning & Detox: A unique blend of essential oils & botanicals that help smooth the skin, & draw out toxins / Middle: Lavender White Tea Candle / Right: Caffeine & Salt Scrub +Caffeine & Cypress Salve: Scrub: Tones and refreshes, combats cellulite and dry skin. / Salve: Hydrates, detoxes and tightens the skin 


IMG_5565 IMG_6632

Last night was the first night I tried the Scrub&Salve +Oil so I can’t give you my opinion on the products yet, but I can tell you one thing, they are sold out in the store so they must be doing something for someone! Following our 1 hour stop at the Apothecary shop, we hopped from one Antique store to another (Main Street was filled with them!) Our favorite Antique shop was the one right next to the Apothecary and Noah managed to steal some deals (I didn’t buy anything because I was broke after our stop at the Apothecary).


Noah bought this for $27 and after purchasing, he found out that it’s actually a collector’s item and is valued at about $150+


This was a TOTAL impulse buy but they were from 1996


This is a vintage 80’s Hermés gold heart that had rub on perfume that Noah scooped out to make into a locket

IMG_6437-1 IMG_8980

Following our antique journey, we decided to go down to the Hudson River (5 minute walk or 2 minute drive) and admire the beautiful mountain view. We relaxed here for maybe 20 minutes or so before heading to a Doug’s Pretty Good Pub to devour Buffalo Wings and juicy Burgers. *Side note: all the food options in town were super healthy and fresh. Our wings were made in soybean oil!)


We set plans for kayaking and going on a water ferry but because of the lightning warnings, we were unable to do so.  One thing we also didn’t get a chance to do in town was stop by Moo Moo’s Creamery, which supposedly is like the best ice cream ever ( we wouldn’t know). We spent our first day relaxing and enjoying the time being somewhere new to us.

The following day, we enjoyed another rainy morning but with a nice homemade breakfast at the B&B. IMG_3682IMG_1748

After eating the last remaining crumbs of our food, we drove over to StoneCrop Gardens  to admire the beautiful greenery and plants. Noah got to experience me freaking out over being surrounded by tons and tons of bees/wasps. On the other hand, we ended up capturing some amazing photos!

IMG_7425 IMG_6024 IMG_5213 IMG_4918 IMG_3760 IMG_3755 IMG_3753 IMG_3748

We planned on going Kayaking that morning too, but the rain really did not do us any justice. So what did we do instead? We got some fresh farm to table lunch at a café on Main Street, followed by a ride to Woodbury Commons (our tradition after a trip from upstate). We walked around happy as ever even though it was raining. There is a saying, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, It’s about learning to dance in the rain” which is exactly how we spent our two days.

IMG_3880 IMG_5492


Point is, it doesn’t matter where you travel or what you do, it’s about exploring new areas and finding ways to look at the beauty that this world has to offer. It’s about surrounding yourself with things unfamiliar and seeing other lifestyles apart from your own.

Your adventure doesn’t have to be across the world, your adventure can be anything that is new to you; something you’ve never done or seen before, big or small. Find those things and seek them. Yes, this trip wasn’t so thrilling, but it was fun. We relaxed, we went antiquing which we’ve never done before, we saw a beautiful town full of country charm, and even though our “adventurous” plans didn’t quite workout the way we wanted them to, we made the best of it and most importantly, we were together.

If you’re from NY or around NY, I highly encourage you, this summer, to take a 1-2 night trip to Upstate and take advantage of the beautiful rural side. The Hudson Valley has so much to offer from kayaking, hiking, rock scrambling, zip lining, farmers markets, and more. It’s nice to get away from your life without having to fly across the world. If you’re thinking about Cold Spring, it was definitely a charming town. The town’s focus is primarily Main Street where all the shops and restaurants are. Maybe if you go, you will luck out with the weather and be able to explore more of the water activities and mountain activities.

That is it for this post, until next time! Thank you to all my readers and followers, you mean everything to me! If any of you have any suggestions about places to go and seek, e-mail me or comment below!





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