Elevated Casual


My take on a casual everyday look involves a pair of jeans, a v-neck T, a leather jacket, sneakers and I’m good to go.  But, sometimes, that may be too casual. There are days where I want to be comfortable but also want to look put together and elevate my everyday look. For those days, I still wear my jeans, but instead of a T, I usually throw on a comfortable sweater and swap out my sneakers for flats or comfortable boots. Depending on the weather, I usually throw on a fun outerwear piece.

I’m a jeans freak; you’ll rarely see me in leggings or sweats unless i’m doing a midnight diner run with my friends. The jeans in this look are my absolute favorite, I seriously where them at least 3x a week. They are Rag & Bone and I bought them at a Theory Outlet about 3 years ago. As you can see, I still have them and still wear them. I tried finding them online for you guys but they are long gone. When it comes to jeans, I am all for spending a little extra on them because a good pair will last you a LONG time and won’t wear as quick.  Some of my favorite brands include FRAME Denim, Rag & Bone, Joe’s Jeans and BlankNYC, which makes a great affordable alternative.

This sweater I stole for $17 in a store that I haven’t stepped foot into since I was 12. My friend, Ashley, and I were at the mall and she had to return a pair of jeans at Abercrombie. I laughed at her, even after she persisted that I just go in and see for myself that they really HAVE changed their image/brand. Okay, so we went in and I have to admit, they did! That would honestly be the last place I would walk into but I’m really glad I did. It no longer smells like you’re in a perfume bottle, the clothes aren’t branded with their logo all over, and their quality is really good. They actually have some really cool pieces that you would never think would be from there!

I was never one for strips, but this past season I’ve seen striped sweaters on everyone, everywhere. But for me, I could never find the perfect one with the perfect colors. Most are usually really colorful and bold, but I came across this one in Abercrombie that was just made for me. Not only are the colors of the strips the color of my whole wardrobe, the colors compliment each other beautifully and are neutral to wear in any season. Plus, it didn’t hurt that it was $17! I have nothing against colorful striped sweaters, but my style is very neutral and this color palette suits me the most.


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