Serve Up Looks With These Boss Blazers

If you scroll through IG daily and are up to date on your latest editorials, you probably have noticed that blazers, a classic staple, are a big trend this season. And let me tell you, they are here to stay. Unfortunately, blazers are one of those pieces that most of us tend to overlook unless we are in need of a corporate look. Until they’ve been recently highlighted and made the star of the season, there’s been little association to blazers being a fun, trendy and great layering piece.

Two toned striped blazer
Art work done by Francesca Carlucci (@francarlucci)

Still stuck on that perspective? It’s okay, it took me some time to get used to blazers too.

I used to only turn to blazers when I was heading to an interview or was working in a corporate environment; not out to lunch with friends. All it took was a little inspiration from fellow fashionistas and brands that re-introduced the classic blazer as something that can be trendy, bossy and fun. Now, you can show up servin’ looks at your board meeting or your lunch date while looking stylish, classic and professional. All it takes is typing “blazer” in google search and you’ll have endless blazers to scroll through to fit every check box. I think blazers are one of those fashion essential pieces that will always look elevated and professional but now, we just have more options to make them look even more fashionable.

Styling a blazer is super fun (at least for me) and results in endless outfit options.

If you go for an oversized blazer that is a little more boxy and loose, I’d recommend pairing it with a slim bottom to avoid excess bagginess. However, if you’re into the Men’s look, go for a slick pair of trousers that taper out towards the bottom.

Some blazers that you’ll find online have matching pants to create a seamless look. That’s an easy option for beginners looking to introduce blazers into their wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to mix your blazers with jeans, shorts, dresses and even skirts! If you want a classic look, you can’t go wrong with pairing a slightly oversized blazer with a silk cami and black pants. Check out how I styled a cape blazer way back when in 2016 and notice how the same look would still pass today’s trend inspection.

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