Back to School Blues


Okay guys, real talk for a second. Where did the summer go? I feel like I just ended my semester and now it’s already August in  3 weeks?! Before you know it, you’ll be sitting back in a classroom, and if you’re out of school, well, #adultlife. Anyway, I’m here to hopefully take away the negatives of back to school and focus on the positive side of it!


I know, what can be positive about anything school related? Well, for starters, back to school shopping and deals. It’s a logical and great excuse to get a wardrobe update for the Fall/Winter. That’s where I step  in. I want to highlight this post on one of my favorite trends for this upcoming Fall, and one of my favorite trends period.

Denim denim denim. I could probably open up a denim store from the amount I have in my closet. I am literally possessive over my denim pieces and collect them over the years. I have never pulled a Britney Spears, but I get close to it. Now, I love denim on denim looks, only when it’s different shades put together. Now, don’t think of denim as just shades of blue, or just jeans. Think of any shade denim can come in and style. Jackets, tops, dresses, bottoms, shoes, bags, etc. Red, white, black, grey, blue.

It’s easy to overkill denim (just like I am overkilling the word in this post) but the trick is to break it up with either a different pattern or texture. Or, you can simply choose one denim item to really stand out and pair accessories that will make it pop. In this look, which I partnered with Urban Outfitters and Stylinity on, you’ll see exactly that! Before we get into my look, check out these amazing UO Coupons brought to you from Stylinity!

Side note, kicked Noah’s ass and won myself a bear


In this denim on denim look, I really wanted to make my jacket pop. It pops already by itself with its different shades, but I really wanted it to stand out more, so I paired it with my white ripped denim jeans. I tied in the shades of blue in my sneakers, which balance out the blue and white tones giving it the perfect contrast.

I find it challenging to find a denim jacket that is the perfect size and fit so I crossed every part of my body that can be crossed that this jacket fit! All I have to say is, get it before it sells out. Apart from being different from all the other basic jean jackets, the fit is amazing with the perfect amount of oversize. These white jeans are also an amazing high wasted fit.

This look makes for a great back to school one and will for sure make you stand out, in a badass way. I think a jean jacket is just as important as having a black leather jacket; it can be worn so many different ways and make every outfit look more styled.

I can’t wait to feature more affordable back to school looks, with each one highlighting a different trend! Make sure to follow me along on my Instagram and subscribe to never miss a post! In the mean time, shop my jacket and jeans here!


Lastly, if you want brownie points, comment how many times I used the word denim in this post!

This post is sponsored by Stylinity and Urban Outfitters for a Back to School Campaign. In no way does that affect my honest review and opinion.

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