4th of July


Happy Friday everyone! Before we head into the long weekend, I wanted to share with you this look, which has been the perfect outfit to wear in NYC’s unpredictable weather! This breathable cotton Gingham top, is perfect for a sunny day and of course, no outfit is fully complete without a pair of eye-catching shoes!

For those who recently started following me, the biggest splurge I believe everyone should make is on shoes. For example; my top is only $15, but by pairing this look with my Stella McCartney platforms I got on sale, you would never tell that my outfit is actually really affordable (apart from the shoes and belt!) Splurging in designer accessories, handbags and shoes, can really make a difference.

If you pay close attention to the outfits I post, most of my clothing is on the affordable end, and the higher priced items are usually my footwear and accessories.

This look is sort of western meets city. I love that the color of my shoes bring out the belt strap, and I personally love how the brown really goes with the red gingham top. This is definitely more of an elevated casual look that I wouldn’t wear often, but only when I’m feeling a little extra 🙂


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