Holiday Dress Up

As Christmas and New Years are approaching, you may be freaking out about what you are going to wear to all the holiday parties that you were invited to whether they are at your work, at a friends house, or a night out in town. In this case, have no fear. You’ve come to the right place. I have linked 12 dresses that I think would make for great holiday attire; ranging from all different price points! Leave your comments below and tell me which dress you love best!

This dress is the perfect fit for someone looking to reveal a little more skin but the perfect amount of it. Though it is a tight fit, black dress, with cut-outs I think that it is not an over-revealing amount and the geometric shape of the cut-out makes for a sexy but simple balance. Pair this with a killer pointer toe flats in a black, or heels but one that are not too high.


You may hate this piece, you may love it. There is no in-between. I personally think it is such a FUN piece especially for a holiday party. Pair it with some cute black pumps (not super high) or even cute little black booties and some gold accessories to make it more glam. This dress is definitely a perfect fit for you if you find yourself wearing statement pieces.


First off, the criss cross down the chest detail has been the hottest thing this past fall, embracing the whole vampire look, because who doesn’t love sexy vampires? Especially Bordeaux, this dress combines both the hottest color and style in one. This dress is perfect for someone who is confident in themselves and is looking for something revealing and something that shows their confidence. Pair this piece with nude pumps.


I picked this dress because I love its simplicity and small lace detail around the neck/chest area. Also, I love the silky dress look because I think it’s feminine which gets me to the point of saying that this would be a perfect fit for someone looking to balance feminine, simple, and edgy. Pair this silky dress with some delicate strappy heels in a black or lace up flats.


The ‘below the knee’ look is also another trending style. This super simple dress is a perfect dress for last minute picks and especially if you are looking for something effortless and simple. Pair this dress with a nude pump to make it softer and some simple layered necklaces.


Free people, one of my favorite places to shop, never disappoints with their feminine, free-spirit, boho style. I absolutely love this dress because of its shape and the flow from the floral to the solid print. The floral lace embellishment is so delicately made and is so soft to the eye, making this the perfect dress for you if you are a more nature embracing, boho princess. Pair this dress with some solid knee high socks with either knee tall boots or heeled booties.


Another Free People Classic, I love how form flattering this dress is and although it is a tight fit, the floral detail and high neck line create a perfect balance between sophisticated and alluring.Pair this dress with a simple black or nude pump and some arm candy. Keep it simple. The focus should be on the piece itself so try to keep other accessories to a minimal.



Besides my love for velvet, and never being able to pull it off, This dress makes up for the perfect effortless dress. One that is captivating and not restricting. Pair this with some high heels (Black is always a safe choice) or strapped ankle boots depending on the occasion.


The perfect dress to show off your curves. Feminine, sexy, sophisticated, simple; all in one. Pair it with a nude pump or wedge!


If you are looking for something with subtle detail, something short and sweet and not to sensual, then this is the dress for you!


Super revealing, this dress is definitely for the girl who is not afraid to shake it, someone who wants all eyes on her. I think this piece is very hot not only because of the super low cut slit, but because of the structure of the piece and as well as its super holiday spirited fabric! Pair this piece with simple black heels (I advise not a super high pair) and bring some fashion tape with you! Buy Fashion Tape


This piece is definitely one of my favorites. I love how contemporary it is because of the unique sleeves creating a cape illusion, but the actual structure of the dress is a classic frame. This is for the girl who is always starting her own trends and not afraid to be different. Pair these with some cute lace up heeled boots and a silver body chain.


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