Get Ready With Me ft. Beautopia

Everyone who has seen me in the morning can vouch that I am not a morning person. I’m never late because of it, but I definitely don’t like spending too much time getting ready in terms of beauty/hair unless it’s for an event or shoot; even that sometimes I just wing.

Often times, I keep my beauty and hair routine simple; like bare minimum effort. So it’s crucial for me to find products that are easy to use and will last the whole day. I’ve been on a beauty binge in trying out a ton of new beauty and hair related products and I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Beautopia and try out a bunch of their hair products! [ Side note, look out for a blog post in October with my latest fav beauty finds everything from makeup to skincare! ]

I’ve been trying to incorporate Beautopia into my daily routine as much as I can without forcing it. No, I don’t use them every single day, because some days just don’t account for it, but, when I do need to use hair products, they are the ones I’ve been turning to these past two months! When I first got them in the mail, I was a little obsessed with using them because they just smell so damn good. I’m not going to lie, I may or may not have sprayed the leave in conditioner around my room because I loved the smell.

This is definitely something new for me as I never used haircare products because it just wasn’t something I gave that much thought into. So, bare with me if I don’t provide you guys with the best applicable tricks and tips, I’m still learning myself and like I said; bare minimum effort to start and slowly climb up the ranks from there!

I was excited to create this short video for you guys to give you an example of a typical rushed morning for me. It starts with me snoozing my alarm a bunch of times until I REALLY have to get up, obviously smooching with Jax, my mandatory cup of coffee, and then makeup/hair. I tried to replicate my exact routine in the morning and though it may seem like “that’s so boring…” well, that’s just reality of what it is. My mornings are not glamorous, unless it’s for a special occasion.

Anywho, I hope you guys enjoy this 2 minute video and I would love nothing more than your feedback! What did you like/not like about it? What videos do you want to see more of? Are you interested in seeing videos like this?

Here are the the links to the products I have; the bolded links  are the ones I used in the video! Also, I highly recommend checking out the Vibrastrait link and reading what makes it different from every other flat iron out there! My favorite quality is how fast it heats up, which is perfect for my rushed mornings! Also, it vibrates as you straighten/curl to reduce tangling and heat damage!

ROOTFIX- Root Lifter Mousse

SATURATE- Hydrating Shampoo

SATURATE-Hydrating Conditioner 

Maximum Hold Finishing Hairspray 

SHINE DROPS- Smoothing Serum 

DETANGLE- Leave In Conditioning Spray 

BACK TO THE BEACH- Texturizing Mist 

ClOUD 9- Heat Protector Spray 

VIBRASTRAIT Pro 1″ Vibrating Flat Iron 




This post is in sponsorship with Beautopia. All opinion and review remains 100% authentic and mine.

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