Take Cover: Beach Cover Ups

Although it may not feel like Summer is around the corner, I promise you it is! We all had hoped that April showers stayed in April, but unfortunately they transitioned into the month of May. Although you may still be wearing your light knits from the fall (guilty), I’ve been getting myself into the Summer state of mind by refreshing and re-organizing my summer wardrobe and by freshening it up with new styles.

One of my favorite things about Summer is pretty obvious. The beach! One of my least favorite things about Summer is also pretty obvious. The beach and everything else associated with it, like getting in shape to look and feel my best when wearing a bather.

What you wear has such a drastic impact on how you feel mentally and emotionally. It changes how you set the tone for the rest of your day and how others communicate with you. Often times, you hear the saying, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. This is my everyday mantra for the days where I feel like hibernating and wearing nothing but my sweatshirt with ice cream stains all over it. Don’t even tell me you can’t relate to this!

So what does this have anything to do with this post? Well, simply put, cover ups are an essential element to your beach day. They set the tone for how you will feel with what’s underneath, and I treat them as if they were clothing and my bathers as lingerie. Because in retrospect, that’s what beach attire mimics. Why I think it’s important to spend a little extra on cover-ups is because

1. they can act as actual attire that you can wear outside the beach setting (i.e; you’re coming from the beach to grab lunch with your girlfriends).

2. They can instantly transform your $20 bathing suit into looking like you spent your last month’s check on it.

3. It’s the first thing people see when you step foot onto a beach or pool. But honestly, this is the least important factor considering you should dress to impress you and only you.

After doing a recent poll on my IG Stories, asking what you guys are shopping for atm, a lot of you responded with beach cover ups. So, here we are. I’ve scoured various online shopping destinations and selected some of my favorite cover ups that are far from your basic white cloth hanging over you. Although, I must admit, I have a few of those.

Browse and shop my recently saved cover ups to spice up your beach days:


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