Our 4 Year Anniversary: How We Spent It

First off, I want to thank everyone who sent their wishes and love to Noah and I for our anniversary this past Friday! We can’t thank you enough for them!

I don’t want to make this blog post too long because there is SO much I can write about, so I’m going to keep the paragraphs to the point! If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you can find Noah and I’s little shoot we did together before our Anniversary!

So, to start, here is how we spent our weekend!

Friday, July 7: Our day! Of course, it was pouring rain until 2pm, but we made it into the city just as the rain had stopped. First things first, we checked into the Soho Grand Hotel before we headed back out to visit the Tenement Museum (I swear we’re 50 years old). I know it sounds lame and boring, but I promise it wasn’t!

The historic building is located in the LES and offers amazing small tours throughout. Pretty much, what we learned, is that the way people live in NYC apartments today, is no different than how they lived back in the late 1800’s…CRAMPED!

After doing that, we quickly came back to our hotel to be greeted by some delicious treats and champagne which always hits the spot!

Our main plan for the day was to have a picnic in Central Park which is exactly what we did! It was our first time picnicking but I think I did a hella good job. If you haven’t seen my Instagram post, I prepared all of our dishes from scratch, including homemade sangria (#wifematerial). What’s missing from the picture is the bowtie pasta with garlic, olive oil, grilled chicken and spinach.

After taking in the beautiful scenic panorama around us, it was time for us to head back downtown to freshen up, as we had a movie reservation at iPic late that night. I’m going to skip the part where we come out of the subway into torrential rain and my pants become a different color.

The movie we saw was Okja. Warning, I BALLED my eyes out. I had no tears left inside me to cry more. This movie was truly so inspiring and moving, and did an unbelievable job portraying our animal industry today. I’m not going to say anything more, but the movie is available on Netflix or in theaters.

That pretty much sums up our anniversary day. We didn’t want to do anything crazy as we always are up to something, so we wanted to keep it simple and intimate with quality time.

My outfit for the day was super simple. I wore my white Cami NYC Racer, Khaki joggers from Tobi, and my white sneakers from Kennel & Schmenger. P.S how cute is the bathroom wallpaper?!

Saturday, July 8

Wake up: 7:45am to prep for our 9:30am “NYC Photo Tour”, which basically means we’re tourists getting our pictures taken around NYC…long story short….not what I thought it was when I purchased this experience.

I got this “tour” 2 years ago for Noah’s birthday, and I was under the impression that a photographer teaches you how to capture certain photos on your own camera and you get to learn how to use it. Since Noah loves photography, I thought it was perfect. And…it turned out to be none of that, but rather a photographer just taking photos of us in the most touristy way possible. Whatever it was, we enjoyed it together and were able to make a laugh of it.

We decided on getting Breakfast in Bed to give us more time getting ready. Let me tell you, my Brioche French Toast was next level delicious.

Here are some photos from our Tour of NYC

The stops we took on our tour were Times Square, Central Park/The Plaza, Bloomingdales (idk why?), and Brooklyn Bridge. There were A LOT of photos that will haunt me forever and therefore I won’t be sharing it with you guys because they will be on the internet forever (let’s just say, we were told to pose in front of a Times Square subway sign…and point at it.)

After finishing up the tour, we walked around the Financial District a little, before heading back to the hotel to check out. We then drove up to Meatpacking District to have lunch and go spend an hour or two at the Whitney Museum.

We walked, in total, 10 miles this day. I can’t make that up. After the Whitney, we walked to the McKittrick Hotel because Noah got us tickets to Sleep No More. Another long story short, it was seriously the most amazing experience ever….definitely beats my photo tour. If you guys want my review on that, I can do a small separate blog post, or you can just e-mail me and we can talk separately!

We spent about 2 hours inside before our legs finally gave in and we headed back home.

That was pretty much it guys, super simple 48 hours but we loved every minute of it! You don’t always have to plan something crazy just as long as you enjoy the time together. Most of the time, Noah and I just sit next to each other while playing one another in Battle Field  (welcome to the 21st century).

Before I end this post, I wanted to share with you a couple of shots from our first “shoot” together featuring my new sneaker obsession!

In this look, I’m wearing a simple and cheeky romper by Reverse Official and thought it would be perfectly paired with my white Kennel & Schmenger sneakers! I kept getting stopped in the streets with them on! They don’t look like every other white sneaker out there and look double their price! My absolute favorite part about them, apart from the floral embellishment, is the metallic detailing within them! These are great from Spring-Fall and with Back-To-School shopping, these are a definite on the list! It took me 3 days to realize that one of the floral “bands” was actually a velcro to get into the shoe…so for three days I kept stuffing my foot in.

I’ve been seeing these retro shades almost everywhere and on everyone and I decided to gamble $10 to buy them myself off of SheIn. No, I wouldn’t wear them every day but while they are in style I figured I’d get the use out of them! In my accessories, I’m wearing my favorite choker from Maggie Villamaria! It’s 16k gold plated and is the perfect minimal touch.

And lastly, I got my hair done at Blo Blow Dry Bar Glen Cove, which is my go-to for hair styling and blow outs!


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This post contains sponsored links by Kennel & Schmenger and all my opinions/reviews  are 100% honest and my own.

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